Workplace Investigations/Employee Theft/Workplace Violence

Corporations lose billions of dollars every year due to employee pilferage. The definition of pilferage is taking things in small amounts again and again over a period of time, which can eventually add up. Because the loss happens so gradually, many corporations will let it go unaddressed either because it goes unnoticed, or the corporation doesn’t realize the extent of how much that gradual loss can build up over a period of time. Many employers understand that their employees are going to take things like paper clips, ink pens, etc. It usually doesn’t cross a business owner’s mind that the same employee could be taking a costly product regularly, much less on a daily basis. After our security survey we will be able to show where the biggest losses are coming from, and how they are occurring. The next step would be implementing measures that will put a stop to the losses.

The most effective tools in limiting violence in the workplace are background checks and criminal records checks. Employees have the right to work in a safe environment, and employers have the responsibility to take additional measures to ensure that their employees will be safe. Should an incident of workplace violence happen at a job site, an investigation should be initiated at once. An employer needs to be swift and act quickly in taking the appropriate action to secure the safety of his or her employees. Not only will investigating and responding promptly to the incident mitigate any damages, but will aid in preventing any incidents from occurring in the future.