Sexual Harassment

It is an employer’s responsibility to protect their employees at all times from sexual harassment in the workplace in North Carolina. It is of vital importance that all companies be equipped with the necessary tools and procedures to protect an employee from sexual harassment, and to have their management staff notified immediately of any such occurrences. Companies should prevent contact between the accuser and the accused if accusations of sexual harassment have been alleged. A company should hire a competent sexual harassment private investigator like ours to handle the investigation by getting a full and complete record of the allegations and confer with counsel. If the company handles it through counsel, the ending results could be privileged, which means that the results would be protected from disclosure. This is why it is absolutely a must to hire a private detective. 4 Certain Investigators will do a thorough investigation into the matter and will mitigate any damages, and facilitate the necessary changes to prevent further similar incidents from happening.