Insurance Fraud 

Our firm specialize in workers compensations investigations.  This type of insurance investigation is our most popular investigative service for our NC/SC insurance clients.  Our private investigators have caught claimants working other jobs, water skiing, golfing, roofing, fishing, working on motor vehicles, boating, in the gym, and much more.  If you need to find out what your claimant is up to then our workers compensation investigators can discreetly do that for you.  Our private eyes have both the common sense and training needed to remain discreet in all our investigations. We take pride in not getting made in our insurance investigations.   

Our Workers Comp Investigators are equipped with the latest technology and spy gadgets.  Each investigator has a covert video device on them at all times to take video of the claimants as they enter into locations where a covert camera is the only way to obtain video.  Our investigators have worked in all different types of diverse environments and locations.  If you would like to send out a workers comp investigation to 4 Certain Investigations today please email us the case details at  We look forward to putting an end to your insurance claim so that you will save money in the long run.