Asset Searches/Bank Account Locates

At 4 Certain Investigations, we specialize in hidden asset searches and have conducted asset searches for clients across the country. If you are an attorney that is preparing for litigation or to file a civil judgment or even if you are the everyday citizen that is concerned about a law suit. Our private detectives can help you today. We have uncovered hidden properties, bank accounts, air planes, ATV's, motor vehicles, construction equipment, etc.  If they have assets we will find them for you.  Our private investigators specialize in these types of investigations.  There is a reason why several large law firms across the United States come back to us time and time again for us to conduct their asset searches.    Our searches will not just search the state of North Carolina but we thoroughly search through all 50 states for our clients.  In the end we will provide you with a detailed investigative asset search report for your review which can be used towards your judgment collection or asset recovery.